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For their envelopes for coffee, bags and pouches produces its own coffee valves, designed for the packaging of roasted grains. These are specially designed to let out the air from the envelopes, whether plastic or paper, without leaving go outside. After roasting fact, the grains release large amounts of CO2 for several days. However, not being able to stay in contact with oxygen, they can not be left to rest in the open air, but must be packaged as soon as possible. The valve is designed to respond precisely to this need, being one-way, it allows the C02 emanating from grains to emerge from the pack, but without allowing oxygen to enter from outside.

Applicable valves in all packs

The degassing valves are applicable to all our types of coffee bags, whether the colored envelopes stock that custom envelopes. They are mainly used for stand up bags and block bottom. Aesthetically not represent a problem as soon as visible. They are available in three dimensions depending on the amount of coffee packets. We are currently also carrying out a redesign of the valves, the new degassing valves will be ready in September.

Other uses will have then to particular chemicals or pharmaceuticals with similar needs.